Thursday, March 17, 2011

{Project Help} Love : Japan in Cupcake topper form

It is devastating to see pictures and videos of the effects the earthquake has imprinted in Japan. I am here in Guam which is not to o far away  - I believe it is only a four or five hour plane ride, so we definitely had warnings to evacuate in certain areas. Luckily, Guam is surrounded by reefs which acts like some kind of barrier to Tsunami's - slows it down.

I created some printables which I hope could fight the devastation and lift spirits! They could be purchased here in my Etsy Shop!

I wish I were rich enough to donate a big chunk from my girly wallet, but I am not. So, I will cross my fingers that my project does a good job. Every profit earned will be donated to American Red Cross!!

My Japan disaster relief aid package includes:
  1. 2 in. cupcake toppers  "I heart Japan"
  2. 2 in. cupcake toppers "Pray for Japan"
  3. 5x5 Sign " I heart Japan"
  4. Cupcake wrapper
  5. Water Bottle wrapper
  6. ** and if I create new items I email it to who ever makes a purchase.
Use these printable items to ......
** Host a bake sale and use the profit earned as a way for you to donate yourself!
** Wear the cupcake toppers as buttons by glueing on some felt and attach to a pin!
** Make your students create signs and decorate it with the 5x5 sign!
** Style your water bottle by representing Japan!
...the possibilities are endless!! People will know you care even more so. :)

Here are pictures of my daughter's representing my "Project Help - Love: Japan" Printables!

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