Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{Party Fun} my daughters' "Princess and the Pea" pajama party!

My daughter Elaena is the youngest of three, so of course she is the baby - my little pea. I didn't want to give her just a party based on sweet peas alone. When I recalled the story "The Princess and the Pea" I thought it was perfect! I am a mom on a major budget, so the photography, every crafted detail and edible item I made/did myself ....except those gorgeous cookies! It was actually quite easy to sew the pillows and sleep masks, hopefully I can get a tutorial up soon! The mattresses are actually toddler mattresses!
I went through2 1/2 weeks of searching for them on craigslist. The girls got to draw (fabric markers) on their own pea pillow.
You can get all the printable items here in my shop: my Paper lily.
Come check follow my photography page at Landing On Lilies
P.S! I realized I spelled "princess" incorrectly in my signs - eek. But, it is all fixed in my shop : D

Vendor Credits:
Frame: Ikea
Animal Slippers: Crazy for Bargains
Bunny Slipper: Bunny Slippers
                                               Princess Pajama Dress: Embellish Kids Boutique
Birthday girl crown: Miss Ruby Sue
Fabric: Joann
Green Frame: Joann
Printables: Me!


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