Saturday, February 26, 2011

{Free Printable} Dr. Seuss juice box

I was asked to create this addition to my Dr. Seuss collection. So glad I was cause it is such a cute idea! It is a sleeve for juice boxes!

Here's what you do.... First: Save the image below to your computer by right clicking it. Second: Print it - then cut along the lines. Third: Line in up against the juice box like the image below. 

Next, pinch all the corners into shape...

Now, the other corner...finishing up with the rest.

Slap on some tape or glue and ... voila! you're done! Now, do the happy dance cause they are so cute!! :)


  1. I would LOVE these for my daughter's Dr. Seuss third birthday party this Monday. I just sent you an email. Thanks so much!!!

  2. My son 1st birthday party next month. I will also love this. I email you. Thanks.

  3. Hi Crystal, I was getting ready to send this to you but I realize I don't have your email. Could you please send it my way? :)

  4. How can I get the image with the Happy Birthday" on it?

  5. My daughter would love these. Thanks for sharing!



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