Saturday, January 22, 2011

{Best Non-paying Customers Ever} Dr. Seuss

I have the honor and am delighted to present to you all my very first "non-paying" customers' photos!! I have only being offering free printables for a little over a month and am overwhelmed at how many responses I have received!

A wonderful lady, Gina, was  kind enough to share her son's birthdays photos with me and gave me the "go-ahead" to share in my blog! She did a great job with the party decorations, too. Also, she offered me great advice. Since I cannot personalize every single printable item for you all (except the cupcake toppers), being that would eat up A LOT of my family time - and guess what, I have 3 daughters under the age of 4, Gina showed me how YOU can do it yourself! I don't understand why this didn't turn on a light bulb with me, but anyway - here's the advice.

If you have adobe acrobat you could use the "annotate" button to add text. Just get the font and type over my printables! That easy. Phew!
There's a bunch of websites that could provide the Dr. Seuss font like, or here at
You would have to download the font in order to use.

Now, on to the pictures!!

Thank you again Gina! Happy Birthday to Jackson!



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