Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My apologies....

Good morning, Good afternoon, and Good evening.

After a semester off I am diving back in to school at Penn State, so I wanted to share this news with you. 
I regret to say that because of attending school, taking care of three kids, and handling my Etsy shop that I will no longer be able to personalize cupcake toppers. The amount of requests are outstanding! As much as it brings me joy to insert your child's name and age for his or her special occasion it also takes up an abundance of my time which I feel needs to be a little more devoted to my children.
I hope you understand. 
All is not lost!! I will continue to email all my files that you request!

Thank you for all your emails, stories, and pictures. It is always wonderful to open up a new letter and be able to read what you have to share.

Warmest wishes, 


  1. Just found your blog! I am addicted!

  2. Hello Kayla! Welcome to my blog and thank you!

  3. Hi, I am throwing a party for my daughter this month and would like to request the Barbie design for her party. Would you be so kind as to share your template? My email is Thanks!

  4. Good Evening,

    I'm throwing my daughter a Barbie party later this month and I want to request your Barbie templates to make her party complete, my e-mail address is



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