Monday, December 20, 2010

Ella's Garden Fairy Birthday

Our second daughter, Ella, turned two! So, this is a late post! Her party was a huge success - SO ENCHANTING! I wanted an unusual party, something that will definitely express that it was for her to enjoy. Despite her young age and the possibility that she won't have memories of it we can rely on the photos for her to admire. Here is our fairy biting into white chocolate from the cake her Nina Laura got for her!

We would like to thank those who helped by setting up the decorations, those who brought food (very unexpected), and everyone who shared this special moment with us. Also, the few who phoned us to let us know that you weren't able to attend and to give the birthday girl a hug for you, thank you and thank you!

I designed this dessert bar with the idea that every dessert had to have a speck of pink. I am happy with the turnout. I am even more pleased with the cupcake stand my husband was so willing to make for me! Isn't it just lovely. Oh, that toadstool looking thing is the cake I made for the birthday girl. I would love to make it again and again!! I was also the photographer, not a professional, but definitely working at becoming one since I am a mom who loves to take pictures!

Here is a better picture ... BTW, I didn't realize that the antenna's of the worm on top of the toadstool had slid downward. I am assuming that it is because of the Guam heat! Ggr. Also, you can't really notice from this image, but a few things on the cake sparkled - kinda like pixie dust. Lovely. =D

I made the wands and tutu's....very fun!
Altogether, the little girls went home with

* fairy wings
* a tutu
* fairy dust
* fairy pail
* wand

I ordered these wings at Halo Heaven, their website gives you the opportunity to mention what date you need your items by! I love this feature.

I love the look of the fairy dust. It applies like body glitter! Everyone had fun applying it to each other!

We did have little boys at the party, so I made little elf hats out of felt for them because I was sure their parents would not agree with them dressing up in tutu's. They also received little pails with random favors. Here's is my nephew modeling the hat for us!

Here are the girls on their treasure hunt game and the pinata! They had to find and pick up the daisies!!

And here are the three fairies who are the inspiration for this blog! The sun was a little harsh on their eyes

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  1. LOVE your party!!! I am planning a butterfly party for my daughter for feb, would love more info on your butterfly garland and wands!!!!!!
    Jenn Post



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